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On Canaan's SideSeptember 2011 Buyer's Bookmark
On Canaan's Side
by Sebastian Barry $25.95

Sebastian Barry’s new novel On Canaan's Side is great beyond words. It is so moving that I was left breathless as the story moved from 1920's Ireland to present day America. Lilly Bere, in her seventh decade mourns those she loved and lost, not the least of which was her native Ireland, and most heartbreakingly, the recent suicide of her beloved grandson. Yet, she lives so fearlessly and simply that it is a wonder to behold. With consummate skill and artistry, Barry brings Lilly alive and places her in our hearts as she weaves a life marked by men touched by war, the paramilitary force "The Troubles," plus revenge and forgiveness. On Canaan's Side is a remarkable novel full of grace and elegance. It is no wonder that this author has been nominated for literary prizes several times over throughtout his career. Owning a signed first edition of this lovely novel is about the best gift you could give yourself.

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